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The first step to gaining control over your medical condition is learning about it. Knowing what obstacles you are facing can make it much easier to find the right solution for you. High blood pressure is a very common problem among aging adults, affecting 75 percent of Americans older than 75. This condition can lead to heart problems, stroke, or kidney disease. A recent medical study found that a more intensive treatment plan for high blood pressure can be very beneficial. In this article from HealthDay News, Dr. Jeff Williamson talks about the study and how the results will affect the healthcare industry. One of the study’s major breakthroughs is that the intensive treatment lowers blood pressure more than previous treatments. Additionally, this intensive blood pressure treatment did not significantly increase risk for injurious falls and other serious side effects. With such a large percentage of the population affected by high blood pressure, this new treatment plan has the potential to prolong many lives. Read more in this article and follow these links for more information about the study and high blood pressure.

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